Video Clips

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Suicide: YouTube | Vimeo

Singing In The Rain: YouTube | Vimeo

Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are: YouTube | Vimeo

The Best Noodles You Ever Tasted: YouTube | Vimeo

Ruthie and Connie Come Out On National Television: YouTube | Vimeo


Listen to Ruthie and Connie speak about the film on KPFA’s Women’s Magazine here.

Downloadable Photos

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Premiere Poster

Director Deborah Dickson

Dancing and Singin’ in The Rain. Coney Island Boardwalk, 1998

Connie, Shirley, & Ruthie Celebrate WINNER! AUDIENCE FAV @ Santa Fe Film Fest

Connie’s daughter, Eileen. with Connie, Ruthie. Sheer Joy!

Tears of Happiness as Ruthie & Connie Commemorate their 25th Anniversary in 2000

A Momentous Occasion. Michael (Ruthie’s son) & Sarah get Married, 2005

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