What the Critics Say

“Two of the funniest and most outrageous queer activists you’ll ever see. Whether they are in City Hall, on the shores of West Palm Beach, or dancing on the Coney Island boardwalk, they move, enlighten, and inspire.”
— Dennis Harvey, VARIETY

“The festival knows it has a hit with this guaranteed winner, and so they saved it for Closing Night. It’s a wonderful, wonderful 54-minute documentary about a Jewish lesbian couple celebrating their 25th anniversary together. Never once holding back for a second, they unleash their very souls for the camera, and beautiful souls they are, without a doubt. No one will leave without smiling or shedding a tear.”

“Unflinching, unfiltered, unafraid, unforgettable.”

“Deborah Dickson’s touching and illuminating Ruthie and Connie, [is] a portrait of two feisty Jewish grandmothers who’ve been in a lesbian relationship for 25 years and recount their joys and hardships with inimitable zest.”

“There’s a reason this lovely 56-minute documentary is being spotlighted at so many gay film festivals this year: It’s truly superb in every way. Funny, uplifting and discerning, Ruthie and Connie doesn’t outstay its welcome.”
— Brandon Judell, PLANET OUT

“Hearing the duo tell their stories with passion and verve in their New York Jewish accents is alone worth the price of admission; most touching is hearing Ruthie, who gave Connie her first orgasm, speak with shame of the cute plaques that identify two bedrooms in an attempt to conceal the relationship from their children: ‘They represent the closet.’”

“The film, which tells the story of two nice married Jewish girls from Brooklyn who fall in love with each other and stay together, has been tearing up the U.S. gay and lesbian festival circuit since its premiere at Berlin earlier this year.”
— Matt Ross, INDIEWIRE

“If Dorothy and Blanche on The Golden Girls had ever (finally) come out, they’d be Ruthie and Connie, the real-life same sex couple who are the focus of this delightful new documentary.”

“Theirs is a love story that overcame obstacles from within themselves and from without, and at a price.”
— Kevin Thomas, L.A. TIMES

“The ferocity of their amour, and their passion and openness as ‘out’ lesbians, is so strong and romantic that, as the saying goes, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.”
— Gerald Peary,

What The Experts Say

“I’ve used RUTHIE AND CONNIE: EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE to teach tolerance, VERY successfully…the impact the film has on teenagers is remarkable. It’s a wonderful film and never disappoints me in trying to teach equality … It does all the work. I just share it and encourage discussion, hopefully opening some hearts and minds along the way.”
— Lisa Miller, parent and humanist

“RUTHIE AND CONNIE: EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE is as mesmerizing as it is entertaining. I challenge anyone to watch this film and not be willing to confront the pervasive homophobia of our society.”
— Dr. Terry Bordan, Chair/Professor Department of Counseling and Development, CW Post/Long Island University, where Ruthie and Connie teach an annual class on diversity.

“RUTHIE & CONNIE: EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE is one of the most moving love stories ever told. Through the laughter and tears of their lives, we learn that the personal is indeed political. A MUST SEE for everyone, gay or straight, RUTHIE & CONNIE says it all.”
— Robin Tyler, leading civil rights activist for LGBT rights since the 70′s. She is the force (with her partner) behind the suit against the State of California that challenged the Constitutionality of California’s Proposition 8.

“Inspirational? Yes! Courageous? Without a doubt! Romantic? Of course!’ Make no mistake; Ruthie Berman and Connie Kurtz are the real deal. For decades, these two feminist crusaders have been teaching the truth about relationships and coming out. RUTHIE & CONNIE: EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE has been embraced and shared by several generations of lesbians and their families as it will be embraced by generations to come.”
— Patricia Ireland, Past President, NOW

“Ruthie and Connie share their story in RUTHIE AND CONNIE: EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE as they have for decades in conversations and even a landmark court case, helping people understand who gay families are and why marriage and equal treatment under the law and in life matter so much. The film captures their voices, their love, and their warmth, and the reality of our common humanity shines through.”
— Evan Wolfson, Executive Director, Freedom to Marry; author of Why Marriage Matters; lawyer for the plaintiff couples in Gay Teachers Association vs. NYC Board of Education, which won partner benefits for unmarried city workers. Ruthie and Connie were one of the three plaintiff couples.

“I laughed, I cried. There’s no doubt about it. RUTHIE AND CONNIE: EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE has touched every part of my heart. This is a life affirming and mind opening film that everyone should see as many times as possible – regardless of their orientation! You will fall in love with Ruthie and Connie, just as I have!”
— Joy Silver, National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), Wells Fargo Business Owner Of The Year Award, 2009.

“A coming out story like no other! Be prepared to laugh and cry with these endearing, courageous, outspoken, compelling and inspirational women who set a shining example for all of us. RUTHIE AND CONNIE: EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE is a must see for everyone with a heart and a sense of justice and humor.”
— Melanie Berzon, Director, KCSM Radio and LGBT Activist

“Ruthie and Connie were members of our congregation for twenty years before they moved to Florida. I was honored to bless their partnership at their 25 Anniversary Celebration, shown authentically and beautifully in the documentary. But, above all, I was honored by their presence at our congregation. On Saturdays, they drove from Marine Park, Brooklyn to NYC to join with us in prayer and conversation. Their strength and courage was an inspiration to all. Everyone should see RUTHIE AND CONNIE: EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE and be inspired by Ruthie and Connie, as they have inspired us.”
— Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum, Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, home and haven for LGBTQ Jews and their allies in and around New York City.